Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rollo The Dog

Paul got off the elevator on the 40th floor and nervously knocked on his blind date's door. She opened it and was as beautiful and charming as everyone had said.
"I'll be ready in a few minutes," she said. "Why don't you play with Rollo the dog while you're waiting? He does wonderful tricks. He rolls over, shakes hands, sits up, and if you make a hoop with your arms, he'll jump through."

The dog followed Paul onto the balcony and started rolling over. Paul made a hoop with his arms and Rollo jumped through -- and over the balcony railing on the 4oth floor. A moment later Paul's date walked out to where Paul was.

"Isn't Rollo the cutest, happiest dog you've ever seen?" she stated.

"To tell the the truth," he replied, "he seemed a little depressed to me."

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